QuickPolitics (previously known as ScrutinyCounts) is a mobile app, which is owned by Hinc Ltd. Hinc is a privately owned SME based in Cheltenham, England. The Directors of Hinc are Steve and Alice Watson.

We do not receive any funding, other than from our subscribers. We are not members of any political parties or groups.

We created QuickPolitics because we were no longer satisfied with reading news from mainstream media. The more we explored news stories, the more we noticed the editorial bias each news outlet applies. The BBC of course works hard to be neutral, but in the pursuit of balance, the story often takes a different shape. Our search to find unedited news which includes both right and left wing arguments led us to Hansard. Hansard is the official verbatim record of Parliament debates. In its original, raw form it is impenetrably wordy, hence we set our minds to working out a way of creating an honest and impartial birds eye view of it.

And the result is the QuickPolitics mobile app. Download and enoy!